Platte River Kennels, MN

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Platte River Kennels

Kurt Litke grew up with a love for hunting and dogs, both retrievers and hounds. In 2001 he built his home and kennel on the Platter River in Central Minnesota. He taught 5th grade at Pioneer Elementary school and focused on his dogs and training in the summers. After 25 years he retired from teaching and to focus on his dogs, training dogs, and guiding at LeBlanc’s Rice Creek Game Farm.

All my dogs are AKC registered and have proven themselves in the field. Here at Platte River Kennels I breed for solid all around puppies that grows into a dog that wants to readily carry things in its mouth, has a solid disposition, a natural retrieve with a classic lab appearance.

Our Dogs

Platte River Kennel’s dogs come from great pedigrees. Each dog avaiable is trained and ready to hunt!


One of the biggest keys to making your dog a keen bird finder is using plenty of birds. I pride myself on this aspect.


Platte River Kennels has puppies available. Our puppies are right for your family and hunting needs.